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Glitzing up the Ritz - Capital Campaign

The Ritz Community Theatre has delighted audiences in the historic Ritz Theater for over thirty years! We're looking to renovate, upgrade, and improve the theatre to be ready for the next thirty years! We're looking to raise at least $500,000 to help us restore the marquee, replace the carpet, replace the theatre seating, renovate the bathrooms, update the theatre lights, replace the curtains, and paint the lobby. No donation is too small! Can you pledge to donate each month? Do you want to donate one time? Every donation counts and will help us achieve our goals! Thank you!!!

The donation amounts listed below will come with the following perks:

$500 - Name in paper

$1000 - Name in all Ritz Programs*

$2500 - Name on a plaque in the lobby **

$5000 - Use of the theatre for one event

$10000 - Name on row of seats

All levels receive benefits of levels above it. *Your name will be displayed in all Ritz Community Theatre programs for a year.
**Your name will be displayed on a plaque to be displayed in the lobby for at least 10 years.

Please consider donating a little extra to help cover processing costs. Thank you!

1. Glitzing up the Ritz - Capital Campaign

For Donations, we graciously request a minimum donation amount of $5.00.

Donation Campaign Amount
Glitzing up the Ritz - Capital Campaign $

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