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Zombie Brett Adoption Donation

All adoption donations are tax deductible.Make it a family affair or invite your friends to help with the adoption contribution and adopt a zombie together! Adoption Fees are Only $25 per Zombie!Your donation helps to raise money for zombie make up, costumes, blood and guts.

Adoption of a zombie includes:

An acknowledgement in the playbill which includes your name.

A picture of you getting “attacked” by the zombie that will hang in the lobby with your name listed.

A personal thanks will be included in the curtain speech.

This is a competition for our zombies! The zombie who receives the most “attacks” (adoptions) will have a special picture in the lobby.

You will receive a confirmation if the adoption has been approved and will be contacted to schedule a time and date to take your photo with YOUR zombie.
More than one person can adopt a zombie.

* Zombie Brett Adoption Donation

Donations for Zombie Brett Adoption Donation are currently closed. For additional donation opportunities please visit our website at

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