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Lesbian Short Film Festival

QCinema is proud to announce the return of its Spring Film Series with this collection of award-winning and crowd-pleasing lesbian-themed short subjects to screen.

Dubbed "The Lesbian Short Film Festival: Best of the Fests", this 99 min collection of short films encompasses work from around the world. In addition to the film, we will also be showcasing the talented Sammie Zonana singing a live performance before the show begins!

This screening is happening ONE NIGHT ONLY on Thursday, April 25 at the Four Day Weekend Theater at 7pm. Four Day Weekend Theater is located in the heart downtown Fort Worth at at 312 Houston St.

Tickets are $10 and are available now at www.QCinema.org.

Always Again
Kim just got engaged. An acquaintance congratulates her by saying that HE (the fiancee) is a lucky man. When Kim corrects the acquaintance stating that she is engaged to a woman, Kim is told off for being too out by a gay friend, which leads to various funny situations.
Dir. Estel Camprecios, UK, 2011, 6 min.

The Art of Walking in the Streets (A Arte de Andar Pelas Ruas de Brasilia)
Two girls meet in the city in this exquisitely filmed import. In Portuguese with English subtitles.
Dir. Rafaela Camelo, Brazil, 2011, 18 min.

Unhappy in her marriage, Debra invites Michelle over for wine and advice. Soon, a comedy of misunderstandings ensues until the true motives and feelings are brought to the surface. Is living a lie really living?
Dir. Adam Marcus, USA, 2012, 8 min.

Nothing Happened
On her lunch hour, Barb shows up at her best friend’s gallery bearing sushi and a smile. But Liza senses she also has a secret.
Dir. Julia Kots, USA, 2009, 10 min.

The Plan
Kat is a struggling musician who works as a receptionist and audio post facility where she records her music at night. As Kat struggles with an ailing girlfriend in the hospital and her bitchy boss Janine, she is on the verge of getting a record deal. But when Janine exhibits signs of jealously, Kat may need a backup plan.
Dir. Vivek Sharma, USA, 2011, 14 min.

The Pursuit
When eclectic Diana sees by-the-book Lt. Cate, a motorcycle policewoman/Venus-on-the-half-Harley while stopping off at a coffee shop, inspiration strikes. Diana floors her Mini with the top down breaking several traffic laws in order to meet and spend a little more time with Lt. Cate in this lighthearted comedy that asks the question 'What if I never try?” Nancy Upton and Marissa D'Onofrio star in this battle of wits.
Dir. Patty Newton, USA, 2011, 11 min.

Slip Away
Selena and Jane are tangled in a web of desire. One struggles to find perfect love, while the other chases gratification through artificial bliss. How far does one go before they simply slip away?
Dir.: TM Scorzafava, USA, 2011 19 min.

Tools 4 Fools
Julie Goldman hawks secondhand dildos in the world’s most outrageous infomercial.
Dir.: Kate A. Brandt, USA, 2009, 8 min.

What It Could Be
Together, Natalia and Catarina find the chords of a song that can break down a wall. Dir. Pedro Paulo de Andrade, Brazil, 2011, 17 min.



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