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Get In The Game (ONE ACT Young Adult Theater)

Our actors ranging in age 11-21 take to the stage in the one act comedy Get In The Game. For as long as they can remember, Alex and his friends Matt, Chad, and Chelsea have spent Friday nights fighting the undead, casting spells, and rescuing fair maidens with the roll of the dice, a little luck, and a lot of imagination. This week they have invited a new player, Eddie, to join them. Because it’s his first time playing, he has a lot of questions through which audience members with no gaming experience can understand the action and enjoy the imagined scene that is actually a part of a fantasy role-playing game. The teens’ goal is to return the “Talisman of Fair Winds” to a desperate village, but they are met with constant frustrations, humorous side quests, and the threat of the all-powerful necromancer! As the action unfolds on stage, the four players seek adventure in the form of an ogre, a healer, a wizard and an assassin. But will the dice be kind, or will the teens find their own graves at the end of this quest?

fin Get In The Game (ONE ACT Young Adult Theater)

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Get In The Game (ONE ACT Young Adult Theater)
July 23, 2021 - July 23, 2021
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