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Open Dance Project: Bonnie & Clyde

Situated in the 1930s through original choreography, music, costume, lighting, and immersive set design, “Bonnie & Clyde” looks inward at the emotional experience of two young criminals from Texas in the midst of the Great Depression. Through compelling choreography, the couple’s sensationalized drama is peeled back to reveal the human experience of love, desperation, and violence.

Contributing to the intimacy of the narrative, the performance engages audience members through a multisensory experience that places them in the direct center of the theatrical moment thereby allowing individuals to navigate the stage within their own sense of boundaries.
The production features mature content and is recommended for ages 13 and above.

Production Team:
Annie Arnoult (Choreographer), Garreth Broesche & Hunter Perrin (Composers), Paul Beebe (Recording Engineer), Lauren Davis (Scenic & Prop Artist), Tiffany Schrepferman (Lighting and Projection Design), Ashley Horn (Costume Design), Lynn Lane (Photographer), Ryan McGettigan (Set Design), Edgar Guarjardo (Sound Design) Christina Maley (Production and Stage Manager), Robin Anderson (Producer)

Joshua De Alba, Sonia Engman, Atticus Griffin, Madelyn Manlove, Taylor McAnulty, Lizzy McGoldrick, Cameo Renée, Joseph Stevens, Jaime Garcia Vergara, Brenden Winkfield

fin Open Dance Project: Bonnie & Clyde

Online sales for Open Dance Project: Bonnie & Clyde concluded on June 4, 2022. For tickets to upcoming Rice University Moody Center for the Arts events please visit our website at http://moody.rice.edu.

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Open Dance Project: Bonnie & Clyde
May 27, 2022 - June 4, 2022
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