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Game Show

The audience arrives thinking it has wandered into a television studio rather than a theatre. “Applause” signs and cameras can be seen, crew voices are heard live and over the sound system as busy pre-show traffic prepares the set, featuring spots at center stage for four contestants. As soon as the audience is settled, a warm-up man named Steve Fox comes out to encourage everyone to have a good time, and to make them understand that GAME SHOW is about to air LIVE. Moving throughout the audience, Steve talks with some audience members and auditions others to read the introduction for GAME SHOW star and host, Troy Richards. Among those moving behind the cameras are Ellen Ryan, the show’s producer, Johnny Wilderman, a production assistant with a sharp memory, and two veteran cameramen named Joe and Gerry.

fin Game Show

Online sales for Game Show concluded on December 17, 2023. For tickets to upcoming Buchanan Fine Arts Council events please visit our website at http://www.tinshoptheatre.org.

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Game Show
December 8, 2023 - December 17, 2023
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