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European Vacation!

Our European Vacation theme gives us a lot of areas to choose from and makes us laugh, thinking of the Chevy Chase movie called European Vacation! Our pianist, Dr. Heejung Kang, will show her skill as she performs her favorite solo work (the title is a surprise!) of Franz Liszt, the Hungarian composer and virtuoso pianist himself. Violinists Dr. Tim Angel and LeeAnne Chenoweth will perform the colorful “Navarra” for two violins and orchestra by Spanish composer Pablo de Sarasate. Also, a highlight is the popular “Spring” from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, bringing us to Italy. Our soprano Youna Hartgraves and tenor Sergio Cepeda always please our audience with their vocal works by Puccini,  Bizet, Verdi, and more!

Instrumentalists: pianist Heejung Kang, violinists LeeAnne Chenoweth and Tim Angel, and cellist Oliver Schlaffer.

Table seating for 2 or up to 12. Complimentary wine/soft drinks/snacks. BYOB accepted, but bottles must be left with bartender for pouring.
Post-concert jazz pianist at Hickman location only: Simon Petty

fin European Vacation!

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European Vacation!
Saturday November 4, 2023
1 date available
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Holt Hickman Center
3712 Wichita Street
Fort Worth, TX 76119
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