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Murder for Real (a Texas-sized murder mystery)

With the premiere of the new Texas cable network, Reali-TV, the entire town is here for the big red carpet event. This is the opportunity of a lifetime for fans to meet and mingle with their favorite reality stars! Just as the event is in full swing, Stingey Lowball, a man with a checkered past and a long list of enemies, collapses to his death. Everyone at the event has it in for Stingey, and everyone seems to have a reason for eliminating him, but it appears that one of these zany characters actually went through with their plan! In this mystery, YOU help find the killer and bring them to justice. Listen to the alibis, question the over-the-top suspects, search for clues, and piece together this interactive mystery. It’s not just murder…it’s Murder for Real! Rated PG-13 Doors Open at 6:30pm for food & bev • Show starts at 8

fin Murder for Real (a Texas-sized murder mystery)

Online sales for Murder for Real (a Texas-sized murder mystery) concluded on November 17, 2023. For tickets to upcoming Pocket Sandwich Theatre events please visit our website at http://pocketsandwich.com/.

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Murder for Real (a Texas-sized murder mystery)
Friday November 17, 2023
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