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The House of Jubilee Concert Series: Men of Standards with The Phunk Doctors

Immerse yourself in the ultimate vocal journey with The House of Jubilee's "Men of Standards" concert series, where the spotlight shines on the remarkable talents of male vocalists. Featuring the smooth and commanding voices of both legendary crooners and modern-day interpreters, this series delves into the iconic standards that have sculpted the landscape of vocal artistry. Accompanied by the exquisite sounds of the Phunk Doctors Band, each performance is elevated by lush arrangements and flawless instrumentation, creating an unforgettable auditory experience. Witness the fusion of timeless melodies with the unparalleled skill of vocalists who embody the pinnacle of musical excellence, all set to the compelling accompaniment of the Phunk Doctors Band. Join us for a celebration of the songs and voices that continue to inspire and define the essence of singing at its finest.

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The House of Jubilee Concert Series: Men of Standards with The Phunk Doctors
Thursday June 13, 2024
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Jubilee Theatre
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