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The Norse Mythology Ragnasplosion (one-act) performance tickets

Featuring: Angela Brooks, Hunter King, Kaiya Ruiz, Kasey Barnes, Levi Michelle Garrett, and Zoe Goff in multiple roles, and Rebecca Schliesser as our student technician
You may think you know Thor and Loki, but if you take a whirlwind tour though Norse mythology, their adventures are even funnier and weirder than anything you've seen onscreen. Two battling narrators lead a madcap dash from Loki's struggle to find daycare for his giant wolf son, to the woes of the boar who gets eaten at a feast every day, to the warriors chosen to go to Valhalla by the Valkyries in a full Bachelor rose ceremony. It all leads up to an epically silly Ragnarok battle full of rapid-fire character switching you won't soon forget. This wild and wonderful jaunt through Norse mythology is the most fun you can have with the apocalypse.

Performances located at the Black Box Theatre inside the Golden Triangle Mall, down the Dillards hallway. Seating begins 20 minutes before the show.

Patrons are required to wear masks regardless of vaccination status.

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The Norse Mythology Ragnasplosion (one-act) performance tickets
December 10, 2021 - December 12, 2021
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