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Private Performance for Daycare - Unhappily Ever After

This is a PRIVATE PERFORMANCE for Daycares in the community running summer programming! Email for the passcode.

FRIDAY, JUNE 23 @ 10:30 AM

Studio B is proud to present UNHAPPILY EVER AFTER (Summer Camp #1), rated "G", performed by actors/actresses ages 8-14...

A counselor has opened an office to see how various fairy tale characters are getting along. He quickly discovers that nobody has lived ’happily ever after’ at all! Sleeping Beauty will do nothing but nap, the Frog Prince refuses to give up his amphibian ways and nothing will pry Cinderella away from her beloved cinders. The counselor sets about making everything right again, with equally disastrous results.

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Private Performance for Daycare - Unhappily Ever After
Friday June 23, 2023
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Daycare Seating-General Admission $7
2400 FM407, Suite 1
Highland Village, TX 75077
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