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Cocktails with Mimi

Tickets on Sale to Nellie Members: April 20 @ 10 AM
Tickets on Sale to Cast & Crew: April 25 @ 10 PM (after your first rehearsal)!
Tickets on Sale to the Public: April 30 @ 10 AM

Studio B is proud to present: COCKTAILS WITH MIMI, by Mary Chase, Dramatists...

Mimi Ralston, a wealthy and much-married divorcee, is giving a party in honor of the reputedly formidable parents of her daughter's fiancé. Typically she engages a stunt "waiter" to insult her guests and, specifically, to spill soup on the stuffed-shirt Calthorpes. But her daughter, Edie, fearing that her mother would never be able to stomach her future in-laws, has hired two actors to impersonate them--which works fine until the real Calthorpes arrive on the scene with their son. Thereafter the mistaken identities (and the fun) proliferate, until all is in a state of hilarious confusion. Fortunately things are eventually set straight, as is Edie--who learns some lessons in love and life which spare her from what could have been a most unhappy fate.

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Cocktails with Mimi
June 2, 2023 - June 10, 2023
4 dates available
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All Ages - $15 (reserved)
2400 FM 407, Suite 1
Highland Village, TX 75077
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