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Captain Blood-A Pirate Melodrama

Arrrgh, me mateys! Welcome to the adventures of the most bumbling bunch of buccaneers that ever buckled a swash. The kids are out of school and driving you nuts so what better than a bribe of one of the Pocket’s infamous popcorn-tossing comedy-spoofs?!! We're going back further than ever before to capture a tale of blood thirsty cutthroats versus proper scoundrels of her Majesty's navy. There's fighting, singing, laughs, love, betrayal and tender moments that would melt even the darkest blaggard's heart. Send up the signal and ready your popcorn throwin' arm, no hooks allowed!

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Captain Blood-A Pirate Melodrama
June 30, 2023 - August 11, 2023
26 dates available
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Pocket Sandwich
1104 South Elm St.
Carrollton , TX 75006
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