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The Prince-Wurst Bride

Cheer the hero! Boo the villain! Throw popcorn! Our Wurstfest Melodramas include a full hour of entertainment including audience games, a sing-a-long, and the show. This year’s show is “The Prince-Wurst Bride.”
When the beautiful young beer-maid Princess Butterball is kidnapped by The Bread Pirate Saurkraut, it is up to Inigo Mon-Polka and his friends to rescue her. In the meantime, Prince Haveadrink is up to no good and needs to be stopped. With swashbuckling sword fights and true love, this spoof of the classic tale is certain to entertain audiences of all ages!
Reminder: There is no parking at the theatre during Wurstfest. Parking for the show would be wherever you would park for the festival.

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The Prince-Wurst Bride
November 3, 2023 - November 12, 2023
12 dates available
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