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The Miss Firecracker Contest

The Miss Firecracker Contest
by Beth Henley
Directed by John Packard


“The Miss Firecracker Contest” is set in Brookhaven, Mississippi during the heat and excitement of
preparations for the annual Miss Firecracker Contest, the town’s annual beauty pageant held on the
Fourth of July. Carnelle Scott, known throughout the town as “Miss Hot Tamale” is trying to salvage her
tarnished reputation by winning the contest. Various interesting and eccentric Southern characters,
including her two cousins (one of whom is a former “Miss Firecracker” winner and the other an ex-
convict); a dress maker named Popeye; and an old boyfriend try to help her achieve her goal. One
review of the play states that…” What finally makes "Miss Firecracker" special is that it is not about who
wins the contest, but about how all beauty contests are about the need to be loved and when you
realize you are already really loved then you are already a winner.”

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The Miss Firecracker Contest
March 29, 2019 - April 14, 2019
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