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Based on Actual Events by Jaye Lee Vocque

Everybody has a story.
Does there have to always be a "lesson to learn’?" Or can you just… "be’?" Join this modern day jester as he shares his tale of love, heartache, whiskey, streaking, and what happens when you’ve never figured out when to shut up.

“In the tradition of traveling storytellers I hope that my tales inspire others to share their own stories. And I am in fact encouraging it through the use of the hashtag #EverybodyHasAStory right there at the Festival in order to keep the Story alive.”

Content Warnings
Age Suitability: Mature
Coarse Language: Occassional, explicit
​Content: adult content

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Based on Actual Events by Jaye Lee Vocque
June 7, 2019 - June 9, 2019
3 dates available
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Theatre Too! downstairs at T3
2800 Routh Street, #168
Dallas, TX 75201
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