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Critical, Darling! by Brigham Mosley

It's critical, darling, to be critical, darling!

Millennial messiah, Brigham Mosley, is regressing. The world is a Sisyphus-ian nightmare and this drag queen just wants to braid your hair. Can refuge from the present only be found in the past?

A blistering critique of all that's critical; a dismantling of identity, politics and identity politics. Plus, original songs that, let's be real here, will probably win all the Grammys.

Content Warnings
Age Suitability: Mature
Coarse Language: occasionally explicit
​Content: some sexual content

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Critical, Darling! by Brigham Mosley
June 8, 2019 - June 15, 2019
3 dates available
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Theatre Too! downstairs at T3
2800 Routh Street, #168
Dallas, TX 75201
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