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Keeping Up With The Jorgensons by Jeremy Julian Greco

"...A delighted hour of mirth mixed with adolescent angst brought on by a cast of characters that could make All in the Family, Roseanne and Married...with Children seem a bit too Disneyfied"
--Huffington Post

The year is 1982. Reagan is President, E.T. is at the movies, and Jeremy takes a road trip with his week-end father to Orange County. Forced to repeatedly tickle his father’s feet, sleep in his grandmother’s bed and go to an unknown relative’s wedding, he’ll do and say anything that will secure a visit to the most magical place on Earth: Disneyland.

Content Warnings
Age Suitability: Mature
Coarse language: Rampant

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Keeping Up With The Jorgensons by Jeremy Julian Greco
June 14, 2019 - June 16, 2019
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Theatre Too! downstairs at T3
2800 Routh Street, #168
Dallas, TX 75201
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