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All The Kings Women

This is a collection of 5 short one acts and 3 monologues based on the life of Elvis Presley.
the stories told in this work include:
- A salesperson's experience when Elvis and his Mother come in to buy Elvis' 11th birthday gift, his 1st guitar.
- The final check, demands, and argument at the Steve Allen show by a NBC censor, Steve Allen's secretary, and Elvis' messenger about hound dogs and pelvic movement.
- A women who runs into Elvis in a supermarket at 3 am and how it changes her life.
- 3 secretaries at the White House gushing out of their minds over a new visitor at the gate who comes to visit Pres Richard Nixon.
- Andy Warhol's assistants planning the angle of the invite to Andy's new Pop Art Elvis exhibition.
- 2 Saleswomen dueling over who will or will not sell Elvis the next Cadillac.
- A security guard inside Graceland divulging on the kindness and charity of Elvis Presley.
- A young woman, who has quit the Graceland souvenir shop, and her obsessed boyfriend contemplating souvenirs, Elvis, and life.

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All The Kings Women
September 19, 2019 - September 23, 2019
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