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Written & Directed by Rob Bosquez

Fort Worth has always been a place of wonder. Our play presents wonders big and small, and how they affect our lives and the lives of others. Set against the backdrop of Fort Worth on its 170th birthday … Its places, its people, its magic, its history, and heritage.

A young couple walking along the Trinity River encounters a girl from the Old West searching for a horse made of pure gold. An ICE raid in a plastic factory is infused with the tale of La Lechuza. Two estranged brothers in their early twenties encounter a long lost relic from their childhood( a long lost kite) as they reunite over memories of a recently departed grandfather in a park in Old North Fort Worth. A young woman communicates with dogs to find her missing kindred, a Native American shapeshifter who she met one sacred night as she begins transforming into something else. A young girl on a quiet street watches a star in the sky become something more than anyone could ever imagine on the last night of Earth. A story of theft, childhood heartbreak and a lonely snowman in Christmas of ‘83. A young man denied his Mexican heritage walks from Fort Worth to the mountains of northern Mexico to reclaim that which was lost to him.

In an event that features current and former students of Artes Academy, come experience the Wonders of Fort Worth!

FRIDAY AUGUST 23rd @ 7:30
Ticket Price: $10

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August 23, 2019 - August 24, 2019
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Teatro de la Rosa
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