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The Road Less Traveled: Prophets & Outlaws

Born out of the Dallas, Texas, Prophets & Outlaws is a band compiled of brothers and friends whose broad musical tastes have put them all over the Texas music charts and in front of thousands of clamoring fans. Poetic descriptions and catchy turns of phrase all fall shamefully short of accurately conveying their music prowess. PAO is simply a band that must be heard to be truly understood, and it’s their unique stylings and homegrown chemistry that brings music fans out to their live shows night after night. Prophets & Outlaws is already a member of the Defining Audacity family. ​Matt Boggs, Stevie G and James Guckenheimer came on the Road Less Traveled earlier in 2019. It was a once-in-a-lifetime show. It was worth bringing them back on November 10th.

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The Road Less Traveled: Prophets & Outlaws
November 10, 2019 - November 10, 2019
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